You can save a lot with our repacking service! Shop for free from various online stores and let us consolidate your purchases in one smaller box! We ensure that your items are shipped in the correct packaging.

Packages from various stores

If each item is shipped separately , you will be charged a lot of shipping and you will pay shipping for each package .

OnlineTurkey packs everything back in one box

Packs your items in a smaller box and avoids unnecessary space and waste

Enjoy savings of up to 80%

Save money with our repacking service by reducing the weight and dimensions of your packages

OnlineTurkey allows you to use the warehouse to collect packages from different vendors. With FREE 30-day storage, you have plenty of time to pick up packages from various online stores. Once your purchases arrive at our warehouse, we will combine your packages and pack them neatly, saving you up to 80% on international shipping costs. We'll take care of the rest until you receive the package at your door. Remember that your packages can only be combined if they are in the same warehouse